Trailer, 2019

When the young startup TINGLE is affected by the shutdown, the already emerging conflicts between the founders FRANZI, JONAS and MARILU light up - they fight in the quarantine period not only for their company, but also with their own demons and against each other - which is the only way to regain true closeness and truthfulness.

Director: Florian Schnell & Britta Schoening
Script: Florian Schnell & Britta Schoening
Producer: Maximilian Becht
D.o.P.: Markus Gebhard
Post Supervisor: Moritz Poth
Head-Editor: Svenja Baumgärtner

Editors: Petja Nedeltscheva
Philip Offa
Tanja Zilg
Sound-Edit: Johanna Roth
Sounddesign: Thomas Rother
Mixing: Jörg Klaußner
Music: Sebastian Scheipers for Frische Luft
Color Grading: Martin Riedmiller
Motion Design: Gina Stephan
Add Camera: Stephan Vogt
1st AD: Vivien Hartmann
Digital Consultant: Tilman Scheipers-Quint
Set Decoration: Lukas Stopczynski
Trailer: Jana Briesner

Role: FRANZI Tinka Fürst
Role: MARILU Katrin Röver
Role: JONAS Konstantin Frank
Role: ANNE Katharina Heyer
Role: LEO Valentino Fortuzzi
Role: PHILIPPE Dominik Weber

Supporting Cast:
Role: PAOLO Alberto Fortuzzi
Role: KINDER Alva & Beatrice
Role: CARLA Amelie Plaas-Link
Role: FLO Anna Gesa-Raja
Role: SAMIR Hadi Khanjanpour
Role WYSS Kenneth Huber
Role: KAVEH Reza Brojerdi
Role: JANA Sophie Bock

Production Company: 
Maximilian Becht

Premiere at Seriencamp 2020 Munich