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NEON DUST - The streets of St. Pauli
World-famous and legendary: Hamburg's port district of St. Pauli is a sinful mile, a red-light district, a place of refuge for gangsters and the stranded at the same time, but also the starting point for worldwide musical successes such as the Beatles or Jimi Hendrix. Like a prism of German contemporary history, the documentary series anecdotally sketches the life stories of prominent and unknown St. Paulians on the basis of the most well-known streets in the district. With exclusive archive material and visually appealing insights into subculture and rebellion, a lively chronicle and portrait of the customs of one of the most fascinating places in the world is created.
2022, Documentary series, a Neopol Film production for SWR, NDR and rbb for the ARD Mediathek, Germany, 5 x 30 minutes.
NEONSTAUB - Die Strassen von St. Pauli - German OV
When the young startup TINGLE is affected by the shutdown, the already emerging conflicts between the founders FRANZI, JONAS and MARILU light up - they fight in the quarantine period not only for their company, but also with their own demons and against each other - which is the only way to regain true closeness and truthfulness.
2020, mini-series (Co-Direction), Germany / 6x 12 Minutes.
Facundo and Cristina live in the slums of Buenos Aires and work at a recycling plant. Their perspective changes when the artist Frida Leon enters their lives. As part of a socio-cultural youth opera they become puppeteers and travel to Switzerland.
2019, documentary (Co-Direction), Argentina /Germany /Switzerland, 72 Minutes.
MOZART RECICLADO Spanish OV, English or German subtitles
Three young European women, three different forms of resistance: A left-wing squatter in Athens, an alt-right activist in Vienna, and a Muslim Poetry Slam competitor in Berlin are all on the search for identity and community.
2018, documentary, EIKON Media Stuttgart / SWR, Germany, 60 Minutes.
#WIDERSTAND German OV, English subtitles
Twenty-seven years after my mother's suicide, I search for someone unknown to me. Based on old Super 8 film footage, conversations with my family and the personal letters of my mother, which appear in the estate of my grandparents, I try to get a picture of her. Behind her cheerful facade, hides a depressive inner world, which occupies more and more space. With an open view, the film approaches a closed subject, breaking the long-lasting silence.
2016, documentary, Germany, 80 Minutes
FRAGMENTE MEINER MUTTER, German OV, English subtitles
Mountains, lakes, a perfect world: Slides found at the Vienna flea market illustrate the biography of a nameless pair of lovers. While the soundtrack soon reveals an ominous epoch of history, the male protagonists quivering from the photo-filmic pictorial space. WE ARE FINE connects a private story and its historical context, confronting a rural space of yearning with the fragility of any production of home.
2012, experimental short film (Co-Direction), Germany, 6:30 Minutes
UNS GEHT ES GUT German title, without dialogue
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