Migration, the rise of right wing-populism, terrorist attacks –these so-called crises greet us on a daily basis in the media and are polarizing our society ever more. #Resistance uses three extremely different perspectives to create a dialogue and asks the question, if there is perhaps not more that connects us than that which separates us.
Helene, 18, lives with 400 refugees out of solidarity in the occupied Hotel City Plaza in Athens, taking a stand against the closing of borders in Europe. Ingrid, 24, is part of the NEW RIGHT "Identitarian movement" in Vienna which campaigns against “Mass immigration and Islamisation.” Aicha, 18, is a Muslim and Poetry Slam competitor in the “iSlam” club. Her prose reflects the daily discrimination she is confronted with in her hometown, Berlin.
All three woman are searching identity and community, each finding these in their own extremes. The film explores the common denominators that can be found in their opposing struggles.

Written and directed by Britta Schoening
With Helene, Ingrid & Aïcha
Producer: Christian Drewing
Producers: Theresa Bacza (Film Academy BW) & Mette Gunnar (Eikon Media)
Director of Photography: Stefanie Reinhard, Pierre Castillo Bernad
Editing: Janina Kaltenböck
Sound: Simon Peter
Music: Squalloscope
Sound Design & Mix: Denis Elmaci
Editor: Marcus Vetter (SWR)

A joint production by EIKON Media, Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
and SWR for the series Junge Dokumentarfilm in cooperation with MFG Filmförderung Baden-Württemberg

© EIKON Media Stuttgart / SWR / 2018

Festivals & Awards:
Premiered at Hof International Film Festival 2018, “special mention” from the GRANIT – Hof Documentary Award
This Human World Film Festival Vienna 2018
Human Rights Film Festival Berlin 2019
Unabhängiges FilmFest Osnabrück 2019
Move IT! Filmfestival Dresden 2019
SWR Series "Junger Dokumentarfilm"